Frederick the Great: Coffee Draining Coffers

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Frederick the Great Money Quote saying since coffee wasn’t grown in Prussia, he was disturbed that no income was generated by coffee. Frederick the Great said:
The quantity of coffee used by my subjects, and the amount of money consequence Quote

“It is disgusting to notice the increase in the quantity of coffee used by my subjects, and the amount of money that goes out of the country as a consequence” — Frederick the Great


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In this quote, Frederick the Great is expressing displeasure at the rising consumption of coffee by the people in Prussia and the money this represents flowing out of the country. As an 18th century monarch, Frederick likely saw this expenditure on imported coffee as economically undesirable.

The quote suggests he viewed coffee as an unnecessary luxury good that was draining wealth from the nation. Frederick appears to have wanted his subjects spending their money on goods and services within Prussia to benefit the domestic economy, rather than importing a popular beverage from abroad.

So in summary, the quote reflects Frederick’s mercantilist perspective that saw high import spending as harmful, and desire to curb his people’s taste for coffee to retain more money within Prussia.

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