Francis Bacon on Spreading the Wealth

Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Francis Bacon Money Quotation saying tall piles of money do little good as piles of fertilizer must be distributed to benefit anyone. Francis Bacon said:
Francis Bacon Money is like manure, of very little use except it be spread quote

“Money is like manure, of very little use except it be spread” — Francis Bacon


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In this quote, Francis Bacon is drawing a comparison between money and manure, suggesting that like manure, money is not very useful if it is simply accumulated and not put to good use.

His point seems to be that just as manure only provides value as a fertilizer when it is spread on fields to help things grow, money is only truly valuable when it is spent, invested, or donated/given away to generate economic activity and opportunity.

By hoarding or keeping money confined instead of circulating it, one gains little benefit from it, just as manure piled in one spot does no good. So Francis Bacon appears to be advocating for putting money to work productively rather than simply amassing wealth for its own sake.

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