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Posted by admin on Monday, May 30, 2022

F. Scott Fitzgerald Money Quote saying her voice sounds quite rich. F. Scott Fitzgerald said:
Her voice is full of money Quote

“Her voice is full of money” — F. Scott Fitzgerald


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In this quote, F. Scott Fitzgerald is using a metaphor to describe a woman’s voice and manner of speaking. When he says her voice is “full of money”, he suggests it conveys a sense of wealth, privilege and high social status.

Fitzgerald appears to mean her tone, diction, confidence and way of expressing herself audibly communicates that she comes from an affluent background with financial means and connections.

The quote characterizes how one’s speech patterns can implicitly reveal their socioeconomic origins and upbringing through subtle cues like vocabulary, pronunciation and self-assurance.

Overall, Fitzgerald is observing how this woman’s voice intrinsically suggests she is a person who has grown up with significant financial resources and advantages.

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