Euripides: Price for Base Profits

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Meaning of Euripides Money Quote: saying being a bad person and doing bad things for money leads to paying a further penalty. Euripides said:
Many have paid the price for base profits Quote

“Many have paid the price for base profits” — Euripides


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This quote from the ancient Greek playwright Euripides suggests that pursuing profits in an unethical or harmful way can have negative consequences.

Euripides seems to be warning that some people have suffered serious costs or losses as a result of prioritizing profits over integrity, morality or people’s well-being.

The “base profits” referred to are likely those gained through deceitful, dangerous or unjust means.

The quote conveys that short-term financial gain should not come at the expense of principles or of hurting others.

Birthday: c. 480 BC – Death: c. 406 BC

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