Eric Swalwell: Congress Can’t Cash Checks

Posted by admin on Monday, February 26, 2018

Eric Swalwell Money Quote saying in a tweet to Donald Trump and copied to Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Ryan that Potus is promisinng, but Congress is not delivering. Eric Swalwell said:
Your mouth is writing checks your bodies of Congress can't cash Quote

“Your mouth is writing checks your bodies of Congress can’t cash” — Eric Swalwell


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This quote from Congressman Eric Swalwell seems to be directed at members of Congress who make bold claims or promises but lack the political will or votes to actually deliver on them. The quote implies that some lawmakers’ rhetoric is overstating what they realistically have the power to achieve through legislation.

By saying their “mouth is writing checks their bodies of Congress can’t cash,” Swalwell suggests they are promising more than they can actually deliver on given the realities of the legislative process, bipartisan negotiations, and the need to compromise.

The overall message is a warning that lofty words need to be backed up by genuine political ability and follow-through in Congress.


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