Eric Clapton: Blew it at Penny Arcade

Posted by admin on Monday, March 5, 2018

Eric Clapton Money Quote saying in the song ‘Riding with the King’ (with B.B. King) that he blew through his pay check at a penny arcade, even though he was well paid. Eric Clapton said:
Had a good job and I got well paid. I blew it all at the penny arcade Quote

“I dreamed I had a good job and I got well paid. I blew it all at the penny arcade” — Eric Clapton


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This quote from Eric Clapton suggests he dreamed of having steady, well-compensated employment that provided him financial security. However, in the dream he recklessly spent all his money indulging himself at an old-fashioned penny arcade, a place associated with frivolous games and entertainment for children.

The quote implies that even having a good job and high pay may not guarantee financial prudence, as one could still fritter it all away on fleeting pleasures without concern for the future. It highlights how easily money can be squandered on momentary amusements rather than being saved or invested wisely.

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