Ellen DeGeneres: 100 Years Ago Equal Pay

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ellen Degeneres Money Quote saying in a funny variant of the protest call and response mode that we needed equal pay for men and women a century ago. Ellen Degeneres said:
What do we want? Equal Pay! When do we want it? 100 Years ago Quote

“What do we want? Equal pay! When do we want it? 100 years ago” — Ellen DeGeneres


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In this quote, Ellen DeGeneres is wryly commenting on the slow pace of progress toward equal pay for women.

When she says “what do we want? Equal pay!” and “when do we want it? 100 years ago”, DeGeneres is sarcastically implying that by the time equal pay is fully achieved, it will have taken over a century longer than it should have.

She seems to be critiquing how issues like the gender pay gap have endured for generations despite being widely recognized problems.

The quote conveys DeGeneres’ view that the fight for equal compensation between genders has moved much too gradually, and that fair pay should have been established long ago rather than still needing advocacy even today.


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