Elizabeth May: Price is Knowledge

Posted by admin on Friday, December 1, 2023

Meaning of Elizabeth May Money Quote: saying The cost for knowledge is high and it means truth. Elizabeth May said:

The price you pay for truth is knowledge Quote

“The price you pay for truth is knowledge” — Elizabeth May


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In this quote, Elizabeth May seems to be saying that gaining true knowledge or understanding of something often requires paying a price in the form of learning difficult truths. The “price” could refer to having one’s preconceptions or assumptions challenged, or gaining insights that are uncomfortable or inconvenient.

So the quote suggests that truly comprehending an issue may mean facing hard realities, but doing so provides the benefit of greater wisdom and awareness. In other words, to obtain the “truth” about a situation means acquiring deeper “knowledge”, even if that knowledge requires confronting truths that are unpleasant or difficult to accept.

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