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Elizabeth Banks Money Quote saying Life is tough, right? It is challenging to be human and there’s rarely as much money as we want. Elizabeth Banks said:
There's never enough money, there's never enough time, there's never enough reliable help around, anything you plan always goes wrong - it's just hard to be human, isn't it? Quote

“There’s never enough money, there’s never enough time, there’s never enough reliable help around, anything you plan always goes wrong – it’s just hard to be human, isn’t it?” — Elizabeth Banks


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In this quote, Elizabeth Banks seems to be reflecting on some of the common difficulties and limitations that come with being human. Some key points:

  • She notes that there is never a sufficient amount of money, time or reliable assistance available, highlighting perennial scarcities and constraints people face.
  • Banks also acknowledges that plans often go awry or don’t work out as intended, a reality of living with unpredictability.
  • Taken together, she seems to be summing up that the human experience regularly involves shortages, complications and things not going according to plan due to our mortal and imperfect nature.
  • Banks then rhetorically asks “isn’t it” hard to be human, implying the challenges of living with restrictions and uncertainty.

Overall, the quote conveys Banks’ perspective that part of what defines the shared human experience is constantly grappling with deficiencies like not having enough resources, time pressures and the inability to fully control outcomes or count on others – a reflection on some of life’s unavoidable difficulties and complexities.

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