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Posted by admin on Saturday, May 14, 2022

Elizabeth Arden Money Quote saying that if it costs only a dollar, it isn’t worth having. Elizabeth Arden said:
Nothing that costs only a dollar is worth having Quote

Nothing that costs only a dollar is worth having” — Elizabeth Arden


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In this quote, Elizabeth Arden seems to be conveying that quality and value are not defined solely by low cost. Some key points:

  • She directly states that “nothing that costs only a dollar is worth having.”
  • This implies that very inexpensive items are unlikely to be durable, effective or provide lasting satisfaction due to their minimal price point.
  • Arden suggests that truly valuable products, goods or experiences will demand a higher investment reflecting superior craftsmanship, materials, customer service, etc. that justify a higher cost.
  • The quote portrays Arden’s perspective that one often gets what they pay for, and the cheapest options may not fulfill their purpose in the way that moderately or well-priced selections can.

Overall, Arden appears to be promoting the viewpoint that worth, quality and value are not determined by price alone. Very low costs may signal inferior quality, lack of care in production, or inability to perform as needed. According to Arden, more reasonably priced items tend to be better indicators of real worth for the money spent.

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