Elie Wiesel: Profit not Truth

Posted by admin on Friday, February 16, 2024

Meaning of Elie Wiesel Money Quote: saying profits are the point and not truth. Elie Wiesel said:
The point is profit, not truth Quote


“The point is profit, not truth” — Elie Wiesel


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In this quote, Elie Wiesel seems to be criticizing the prioritization of profit over truth. He may have been commenting on how some individuals or institutions will pursue financial gain or influence even if it requires distorting or ignoring the facts. The “point” or main goal for these actors is making a profit, not seeking or spreading truth.

Overall, Wiesel appears to be warning about the corrupting influence of profit motives when truth is not the top priority. His words suggest we should be wary of situations where profit seems to outweigh truth, as that imbalance could indicate an unwillingness to face uncomfortable facts or serve the greater good when money is at stake.

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