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Posted by admin on Monday, May 16, 2022

E. W. Howe Money Quote saying that having credit is better than having money. E. W. Howe said:
No man's credit is ever as good as his money Quote

“No man’s credit is ever as good as his money” — E. W. Howe


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 In this quote, E. W. Howe is saying that no person’s credibility or trustworthiness (“credit”) is ever as dependable as actual cash in hand (“money”). The best interpretation is that Howe is pointing out how having money provides a more certain foundation than relying solely on someone’s word or reputation.

His implication seems to be that while one’s character or trustworthiness may be taken into account, cold hard money delivers a surer guarantee of being able to fulfill obligations or complete transactions. So in essence, Howe is suggesting that when it comes down to it, possession of funds will always carry more weight than a good reputation alone.

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