Douglas Coupland: Cash Defines a Species

Posted by admin on Saturday, August 26, 2017

Douglas Coupland Money Quote saying liquid assets allow feats of magic to alter time and humans alone possess and use money to alter reality. Douglas Coupland said:
cash allows multiply will, speed up time. Cash defines us as a species Quote

Cash allows you to multiply your will, and it allows you to speed up time. Cash is what defines us as a species. Nothing else in the universe has money” — Douglas Coupland


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In this quote, Douglas Coupland seems to be highlighting the unique and defining role of money in human society. He suggests that having cash or financial resources allows people to exert more “will” or influence over their circumstances by enabling action.

It also gives the ability to “speed up time” by accomplishing goals more quickly through purchasing goods, services or labor. Coupland implies that no other species uses or is motivated by currency in the way that humans are.

His view appears to be that money has come to serve as a driving force and distinguishing feature of human civilization unlike any other form of life.

The quote conveys Coupland’s perspective on the central importance and power that the concept of currency and monetary exchange holds for humanity.

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