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Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Doug Pike Money Quotation saying getting hired by unemployment is not something we aspire to unless looking for a chuckle at a bar. Doug Pike in Splattered on the Road to Wealth said:
I got hired by the Deparment of Unemployment after being fired by the Department of Labor Quote

“I got hired by the Department of Unemployment after being fired by the Department of Labor” — Doug Pike

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The humor in this quote comes from its absurdity and irony. Government departments generally don’t fire people, since they provide employment. And it’s nonsensical to be hired by the “Department of Unemployment” after being fired by another department, since that department deals with unemployment.

The joke plays with expectations by having someone get fired from their job at the “Department of Labor” – which is meant to promote employment – and then immediately find new work at the “Department of Unemployment,” which exists to help the unemployed.

This absurd scenario taps into people’s frustration with bureaucracy and taps into the fear of unemployment, making light of it through ironic exaggeration for comedic effect.

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