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Posted by admin on Friday, August 9, 2013

Doug Pike Money Quotation saying Fortune 500 Stock at Dollar Stores stocked on shelves with other cheap commodities. Doug Pike in Splattered on the Road to Wealth said:
Dollar store, anything you need for a buck: shares of Fortune 500 companies Quote

“It’s a dollar store, anything you need for a buck: toys, toothpaste, shares of Fortune 500 companies” — Doug Pike


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This comic strip joke plays on the unrealistic expectation that a “dollar store” could offer shares of large, valuable Fortune 500 companies for only one dollar each. Fortune 500 companies typically have shares that trade for hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the stock market.

By suggesting their shares could be purchased for just a single dollar at such a store, it taps into the dream of getting an incredible bargain on something normally very expensive.

The absurdity and unrealistic nature of the claim is what makes it humorous, as it subverts the typical offerings one would actually find at a dollar store selling low-cost everyday items.

The humor comes from the incongruity between what one would realistically expect to buy for a dollar and the punchline about getting Fortune 500 company shares at that price.

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