Doug Coupland on Choosing Money or Sex

Posted by admin on Sunday, March 23, 2014

Doug Coupland Money Quotation saying given the choice between repeating sex or increasing their bank account, most will choose the extra cash. Doug Coupland said:
People will always choose more money over more sex Quote

“People will always choose more money over more sex” — Doug Coupland


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In this quote, Douglas Coupland seems to be making a commentary on human priorities and motivations. He suggests that generally speaking, most people would choose to make more money over having more sex or intimacy if given the option.

The quote implies financial gain and security hold more sway over basic desires for many. Coupland appears to be acknowledging that money plays a dominant role in people’s lives and decision making, often superseding other interests, needs or temptations.

His view is that when push comes to shove, the prospect of increased wealth and resources tends to win out for individuals over physical pleasures. So the quote conveys Coupland’s belief that money remains a stronger driving force for humanity than carnal satisfaction.

Love of Money taken quite literally by Pavel Constantin, Romania

Pavel Constantin, Romania


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