Donald Trump: Want Poor in Cabinet?

Posted by admin on Monday, June 26, 2017

Donald Trump Money Quote saying he believes that rich bankers from Goldman Sachs will do a better job on his cabinet than someone who doesn’t have success making money in business. Donald Trump said:
I love all people – rich or poor -- but in those particular positions, I just don't want a poor person. Does that make sense? If you insist, I'll do it – but I like it better this way Quote

“I love all people – rich or poor — but in those particular positions, I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense? If you insist, I’ll do it – but I like it better this way” — Donald Trump


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In this quote, Donald Trump is explaining his preference for not appointing “poor” people to certain positions or roles. When he says “I love all people – rich or poor,” he is acknowledging that poverty does not define a person’s worth. However, he then states that for unspecified “particular positions,” he does not want to appoint someone who is “poor.”

While he says he would do it if “insisted,” he expresses a clear preference for wealthier appointees by saying “I like it better this way.” Overall, Trump seems to be suggesting that financial poverty could be a disqualifying factor for some government or leadership roles in his view, indicating a prioritization of wealth over other qualifications for certain positions.

 In this quote, Donald Trump seems to suggest he prefers not appointing “poor people” to certain positions, though he acknowledges he would do so if “insisted”. Some key considerations in interpreting his perspective:

  • Trump implies an assessment that financial wealth corresponds with ability or fit for some roles, though that connection is questionable.
  • His preference could stem from a belief that personal wealth demonstrates success, though poverty does not define capability.
  • However, judging people primarily by income or assets rather than qualifications overlooks many factors and could be seen as elitist.
  • The quote does not provide full context around which positions or why wealth would be most relevant.

Overall, while Trump aims to communicate his preferences, a balanced interpretation would acknowledge both his viewpoint as well as the complexities around this issue, as reasonable people can disagree on the relationship between income and job performance. A variety of factors beyond wealth determine one’s suitability for roles.

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Estimated Net Worth of Trump Cabinet Appointees

  • Mike Pence $800,000 Government
  • Alex Acosta $1,300,000 Lawyer
  • Ryan Zinke $1,900,000 Rental Property
  • Sonny Perdue $2,000,000 Trucking
  • Rick Perry $2,000,000 Oil
  • John Kelly $5,000,000 Government
  • Jeff Sessions $6,000,000 Real Estate
  • James Mattis $7,000,000 Military
  • Tom Price $10,000,000 Medicine
  • David Shulkin $17,000,000 Medicine
  • Elaine Chao $22,000,000 Inheritance
  • Ben Carson $22,000,000 Medicine
  • Rex Tillerson $300,000,000 Oil
  • Stephen Mnuchin $385,000,000 Goldman Sachs
  • Betsy DeVos $1,000,000,000 Inheritance
  • Wilbur Ross $2,500,000,000 Finance

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