Donald Trump: Nobody Knows Banking

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Donald Trump Money Quote saying adds banking to the long list of things he knows more about than anyone else, ever. Donald Trump said:
Nobody knows banking better than I do Quote

“Nobody knows banking better than I do” — Donald Trump


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  • He aims to portray himself as highly knowledgeable about financial institutions and the banking industry based on his real estate and business background.
  • However, “nobody knows” is an overstatement, as others have also worked extensively in finance. Reasonable experts can disagree on various issues.
  • As a prominent developer, Trump likely has significant experience with banks, but being familiar with an industry does not necessarily make one an expert in all its complexities.
  • His confident, declarative tone could also be seen by some as lacking humility or overstating his relative understanding compared to specialized professionals.

Overall, while Trump wants to convey his familiarity, a balanced interpretation recognizes both his perspective and that banking expertise takes many forms depending on specific roles and experience, with room for knowledgeable people to analyze its challenges differently. The quote reflects Trump’s viewpoint but does not preclude other reasonable assessments of situations involving the industry.

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