Donald Trump: Make Us Rich Again

Posted by admin on Saturday, January 7, 2017

Donald Trump Money Quote saying loyal supporters who love him promise to vote Trump, but wish he’d stop talking about making us rich – which he insists is necessary to be great. Donald Trump said:
We can’t be great unless we’re gonna make ourselves rich again. We have to make ourselves rich Quote

“A wonderful woman came jup to me at one of the events and she said, ‘Mr Trump I love you, I’m going to vote for you, but please don’t say you’re gonna make us rich again, that doesn’t sound good.’ I said it sounds good to me! We can’t be great unless we’re gonna make ourselves rich again. We have to make ourselves rich” — Donald Trump


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In this quote, Donald Trump recounts a supporter asking him not to say he will make Americans rich again, though he disagrees. Some key points in interpreting his perspective:

  • Trump portrays wealth creation and economic prosperity as necessary for national greatness, implying past policies undermined this.
  • He focuses on ambitious goals of enriching citizens, aiming to contrast his vision from others seen as less optimistic.
  • However, “rich” can have different meanings to different people based on priorities and circumstances.
  • A balanced view is that economic policy impacts diverse populations in complex ways, and reasonable experts may disagree on optimal strategies and trade-offs.

Overall, while Trump wants to convey a growth-oriented message, an even-handed interpretation would acknowledge both his perspective and that debates around long-term economic trends require considering multiple reasonable positions, as policies directly and indirectly shape various communities in nuanced ways over time. The quote reflects Trump’s viewpoint but not the full picture.

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