Don Marquis: Habit-Forming Money

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Don Marquis Money Quote saying nothing compares to how habit-forming money can be for most of us. Don Marquis said:
There is nothing so habit-forming as money Quote

“There is nothing so habit-forming as money” — Don Marquis


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In this quote, Don Marquis seems to be commenting on how easily one can become accustomed to and dependent on money. The “best” interpretation is that having money can become a type of habit or addiction for some people.

Specifically, Marquis is suggesting that once people start earning and accumulating money, it can be very difficult to live without it or function without a steady stream of income. People get used to the lifestyle and comfort that money provides. Relying on money for basic needs like food, shelter, transportation, entertainment, etc. can form a strong habit that is challenging to break.

Overall, Marquis appears to be warning that developing a close relationship with money carries the risk of becoming too attached to it and unable to cope without it. Money has the potential to become a deeply ingrained habit that is “nothing so habit-forming” compared to other things people may consume or engage with on a regular basis.

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