Don Laughlin: Making Three Times

Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Don Laughlin Money Quote claims he told his junior high school principal that he was earning more than him, so wouldn’t quit his casino job. Don Laughlin said:

I’m making three times what you are, so I’m out the door Quote


“I’m making three times what you are, so I’m out the door” — Don Laughlin


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Given that Don Laughlin made the statement quoted to his junior high school principal when he was still quite young, a full response would be:

While the quote directly conveyed Laughlin’s confidence in his potential to earn a high income even at a young age, the additional context provided is important for an accurate interpretation. As a student speaking to his principal, it’s unlikely Laughlin was literally comparing specific career opportunities and salaries at that point in his life.

Rather, the statement seems to have been Laughlin boldly expressing belief in his entrepreneurial abilities and self-assured nature from a very early stage. It reflected his independent spirit and motivation to pursue financial success through his own ventures outside traditional paths, not a literal evaluation of workplace options available to him as a minor still in schooling.

While conveying Laughlin’s focus on earnings potential even then, a balanced interpretation would acknowledge this was more a reflection of his confident character as a youth rather than career advice. The quote captures one perspective on Laughlin’s drive and priorities, but any analysis of it requires considering the full context around his age and situation to avoid an overly literal reading that did not account for his life stage when he originally made the comment to his principal.

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