Dolores del Rio: Creams Waste Money

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dolores del Rio Money Quote saying smearing beauty cream on doesn’t help if you aren’t already beautiful in your nature. Dolores del Rio said:
Dolores del Rio Money Quote saying smearing beauty cream on doesn't help if you aren't already beautiful in your nature Quote

“Beauty comes from the inside out. Creams are a waste of money if you don’t take care of your health” ~ Dolores del Rio


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In this quote, Dolores del Rio is emphasizing the importance of inner wellness and self-care over superficial measures when it comes to beauty. By stating that true beauty “comes from the inside out” and that cosmetic products are a “waste of money” without also caring for one’s health, del Rio implies outer appearance reflects deeper inner qualities like vitality, positivity and self-respect that come from lifestyle habits and mindset more than any cream.

The interpretation is that del Rio viewed investing in health as more consequential for beauty than expensive topical treatments alone, since physical attractiveness stems from an inner glow of well-being. Her perspective conveys that outer beauty is best nurtured by prioritizing holistic health practices and self-care over superficial fixes, and that true attractiveness radiates from inner qualities like strength, balance and self-love.

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