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Posted by admin on Friday, October 21, 2022

Meaning of Dodie Smith Money Quote: saying there may be a catch to having plenty of money – such as loss of enjoyment. Dodie Smith said:
I wonder if there isn't a catch about having plenty of money? Does it eventually take the pleasure out of things? Quote

“I wonder if there isn’t a catch about having plenty of money? Does it eventually take the pleasure out of things?” — Dodie Smith


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In this quote, Dodie Smith seems to be contemplating whether having significant wealth might diminish one’s ability to truly appreciate and enjoy life’s experiences. Some key points:

  • Smith wonders if there is a “catch” or downside to accumulating a great deal of money and financial security.
  • The potential catch she raises is whether abundant riches could eventually “take the pleasure out of things” by making life’s indulgences feel routine or mundane rather than special occasions.
  • With money no longer an obstacle, the sense of novelty, anticipation or hard-earned satisfaction from leisure activities may fade when anything can be acquired on a whim without effort or sacrifice.

Overall, Smith’s quote suggests wealth may paradoxically decrease feelings of wonder, gratitude and savoring of life’s pleasures if money itself becomes the sole measure of happiness rather than deeper fulfillments. Comforts lose their magic when constantly accessible without restraint or delayed gratification. A balance of means and moderation could optimize enjoying prosperity.

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