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Posted by admin on Saturday, December 16, 2023

Meaning of Dejan Stojanovic Money Quote: saying Forever hold your peace to avoid paying expensive fee for uttering a word. Dejan Stojanovic said:

How many unuttered words died in the heads of those for whom a word was too expensive Quote

“How many unuttered words died in the heads of those for whom a word was too expensive” — Dejan Stojanovic


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Dejan Stojanovic is reflecting on how many insightful or meaningful ideas may have gone unexpressed throughout history because speaking up carried too high a cost or risk for some.

By referring to words as being “too expensive”, Stojanovic suggests that for oppressed, marginalized or vulnerable groups, voicing an opinion could endanger one’s security, livelihood or even life.

His quote implies that for those without power or protection, self-censorship was necessary for survival even if it meant inner thoughts were never shared.

Overall, Stojanovic appears to be lamenting the perspectives and wisdom lost to silence over the centuries, as circumstances prevented many from freely contributing to public discourse out of fear for what their words might provoke.

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