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Posted by admin on Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Debbie Ford Money Quote saying when you’ve got enough money and are emotionally stable it’s easier to love who you are. Debbie Ford said:
when you feel special enough, when you're loved enough, when you have enough money, and you're appreciated Quote

“It’s easy to love yourself when you feel good enough, when you feel special enough, when you’re loved enough, when you have enough money, and you’re appreciated” — Debbie Ford


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In this quote, Debbie Ford seems to be pointing out that truly loving oneself is challenging as long as one’s self-worth feels contingent on external factors. The best interpretation is:

  • Ford notes it’s only “easy” for self-love when life circumstances make one feel “good enough, special enough, loved enough” through positive validation and support from others.
  • She also includes “when you have enough money” and feel professionally “appreciated” as external conditions that can bolster self-esteem.
  • However, Ford implies that as long as inner acceptance depends on these outside variables, authentic self-love remains difficult since circumstances may not always provide such reassurance.

Overall, the quote conveys Ford’s perspective that learning to love oneself unconditionally, without needing constant affirmation from status, relationships or achievements, is a deeper process than simply feeling good when life provides temporary confidence through approval and privileges according to one’s situation. True self-acceptance lies in separating it from external dependencies in Ford’s view.

Birthday: October 1, 1955 – Death: February 17, 2013

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