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Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

David Stern Money Quote saying as NBA Commissioner that making money keeps teams and players smiling and satisfied. David Stern said:
Everyone knows that if you can keep on making money, everyone's happy Quote

“Everyone knows that if you can keep on making money, everyone’s happy” — David Stern


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David Stern was the former commissioner of the NBA. In this quote, he seems to be suggesting that as long as a business is profitable, the key stakeholders will be satisfied.

This likely refers to players being happy if the league revenue allows for high salaries, teams being happy if the league revenue shares support franchise values, and owners being happy if their investments are earning money.

However, solely focusing on profits may not account for other important factors like competitive balance, fan experience, or social issues.

The best business strategies usually aim to balance financial success with other priorities over the long term.

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