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Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 12, 2022

David Korten Money Quote saying money has the power to be a controlling influence. David Korten said:
Money is a mechanism for control Quote

“Money is a mechanism for control” — David Korten


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In this quote, David Korten seems to be conveying that money functions as a tool for exercising influence and power over others. Some key points:

  • He states that money is a “mechanism for control” – implying it can be wielded to direct the behaviors and choices of individuals.
  • This suggests that those with financial resources can leverage their means to steer outcomes, whether on an institutional level or within personal relationships.
  • Korten’s quote portrays money as providing a medium through which the allocation and withholding of funds can shape the actions of governments, organizations, or even individuals dependent on money flows.

Overall, the quote reflects Korten’s perspective that money imbues its holders with covert leverage and leverage over the priorities and activities of those reliant on monetary sponsorship, patronage or compensation according to this view of money serving as both an economic facilitator and subtle form of social control or manipulation depending on how it is deployed and by whom according to this critical lens on its less discussed influence dimensions beyond practical transactions.

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