David Jolly: Boiler Room Sweatshop

Posted by admin on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rep. David Jolly (R) Money Quote saying our congress members are spending most of the time we pay them for by panhandling wealthy donors by phone. Rep. David Jolly (R) said:


“It is a cult-like boiler room on Capitol Hill where sitting members of Congress, frankly I believe, are compromising the dignity of the office they hold by sitting in these sweatshop phone booths calling people asking them for money” — David Jolly


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In this quote, David Jolly is sharply criticizing the constant fundraising activities that members of Congress engage in. He refers to Capitol Hill as operating like a “cult-like boiler room” where elected representatives spend much of their time confined to cramped “phone booths” desperately soliciting donations from constituents and lobbyists.

Jolly seems to believe this compromises the “dignity of the office” since representatives should be focused on their legislative duties, not perpetual fundraising calls. His view is that the pressure to raise large sums of money has turned Congress into more of a “sweatshop,” prioritizing wealthier backers’ interests above all due to the time spent courting donors.

Overall, the quote portrays Jolly’s perspective that endless fundraising diminishes integrity and trust in government by distracting politicians from substantive policy work.

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