David Geffen: Hasn’t Got Money Happy

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

David Geffen Money Quote saying if there is someone who believes that happiness comes from having money – they haven’t got any. David Geffen said:
Anybody who thinks money will make you happy hasn't got money Quote

“Anybody who thinks money will make you happy hasn’t got money” — David Geffen


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In this quote, David Geffen is challenging the common belief that acquiring wealth will lead to happiness. He argues that people who think money brings joy “hasn’t got money” or experienced what it’s really like to be rich.

Geffen seems to be suggesting from his own experience that once basic needs are met, wealth does not necessarily translate to fulfillment or satisfaction. Happiness comes from within and from relationships, not financial gain alone.

So in essence, he is asserting money fails to deliver on its promise of happiness based on what he has learned from being wealthy himself.

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