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Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Meaning of David Cassidy Money Quote: saying paparazzi make lots of money for celeb photos and make it all about the money. David Cassidy said:
paparazzi get paid fortunes. That's what motivates people; it's about the money, sadly, at anyone's expense Quote

“The difference now is that the paparazzi get paid fortunes. That’s what motivates people; it’s about the money, sadly, at anyone’s expense” — David Cassidy


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In this quote, David Cassidy is commenting on how paparazzi are now motivated primarily by money to take photos of celebrities, rather than other factors like fame or interest.

He suggests they will go to greater lengths and invade privacy more severely now just to get a lucrative photo, “at anyone’s expense”, meaning without regard for how it impacts the celebrity being photographed.

The “difference now” he refers to is that paparazzi can earn much larger sums of money selling photos to tabloids and magazines than in the past, so their actions are driven more strongly by financial gain than other motivations.

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