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Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dave Warawa Money Quote saying successful leaders expect no compensation for it beyond satisfaction from that choice. Dave Warawa said:
Leadership is not a job you take, it's a decision you make. It pays no money, yet has the greatest reward Quote

“Leadership is not a job you take, it’s a decision you make. It pays no money, yet has the greatest reward” — Dave Warawa


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In this quote, Dave Warawa seems to be conveying that leadership is not something one pursues or obtains as a career objective, but rather it is a choice and commitment one makes to serve others. Some key points:

  • He states that leadership “is not a job you take” implying it cannot be attained through employment or titles alone, but comes through dedicated actions.
  • Warawa describes leadership as “a decision you make” – it requires actively choosing to prioritize guiding and empowering others above personal gain.
  • While leadership roles may come with prestige, Warawa notes leadership itself “pays no money”, meaning the role is not about financial rewards but serving a higher purpose.
  • However, he suggests leadership has the “greatest reward” which comes from positively impacting others’ lives rather than material benefits.

Overall, the quote conveys Warawa’s perspective that true leadership emerges from a selfless decision to help others through one’s influence and example, not for money or status, and this commitment of service intrinsically fulfills the leader in a way no salary could match.

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