Dave Freudenthal on Safety vs Investing

Posted by admin on Monday, August 25, 2014

Dave Freudenthal Money Quotation saying as governor of Wyoming in his 2005 State of the State speech that there isn’t safety investing in growth. Dave Freudenthal said:
Dave Freudenthal The safest course for public officials is simply to throw all of the money in a sack quote

“The safest course for public officials is simply to throw all of the money in a sack” — Dave Freudenthal


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In this quote, Dave Freudenthal is wryly commenting on the temptation for politicians and public officials to spend money without careful planning or oversight. When he says simply throwing “all of the money in a sack” is the “safest course”, he means it avoids having to make difficult spending decisions or prioritize certain programs over others, which could open the official up to criticism.

The quote suggests Freudenthal views unstructured, undirected spending as politically expedient because it does not require value judgments about allocating funds. However, his wording implies this is not actually a responsible or prudent way to oversee taxpayer dollars.

Overall, Freudenthal appears to be critiquing an approach that prioritizes avoiding controversy over ensuring money is invested efficiently and for maximum public benefit.

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