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Dave Barry, “Get Rich Click” Money Quote saying in 1999 that everyone but you got rich by starting internet businesses, especially goofy looking nerds. Dave Barry, “Get Rich Click” said:
Everybody — by which I mean :not you — is getting rich off the Internet Quote

“Everybody — by which I mean :not you — is getting rich off the Internet. We are constantly seeing stories in the media about young Internet entrepreneurs who look like they should be mowing lawns for spending money, except that they have the same net worth as Portugal” — Dave Barry


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In this quote, Dave Barry is once again using humor and exaggeration to comment on stories of young people achieving sudden wealth through internet businesses. Specifically:

  • He jokes that “everybody” except the reader themselves is getting rich off the internet, implying widespread fortunes.
  • He then provides an example of young entrepreneurs featured in the media who look too young to be so successful, but have amassed wealth comparable to entire countries like Portugal.

Barry aims to get a laugh by greatly exaggerating and playing with perceptions. His deeper message acknowledges the ability of internet businesses to potentially make ordinary people extraordinarily wealthy with the right ideas. However, through comedy he also aims to provide perspective on how uncommon and newsworthy such major successes truly are.

Overall, the quote satirically references the idea that internet-fueled wealth is within easy reach for many, while still recognizing the entrepreneurial opportunities the digital era has enabled for those with vision and skills. It’s a characteristically witty take from Barry on contemporary economic stories.

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