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Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Daryl Hannah Money Quote saying that how we spend our money determines which corporations continue to wield power in the marketplace. Daryl Hannah said:
You have the power to influence these big corporations through what you chose to, or not to, purchase Quote

“Obviously we’re a consumer nation and you have the power to influence these big corporations who are running the world right now through what you chose to, or not to, purchase” — Daryl Hannah


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In this quote, Daryl Hannah is emphasizing the power that consumers have to influence corporate behavior and priorities. She notes that the United States is a major consumer economy, meaning businesses depend on sales to customers.

Hannah then argues that individuals have the ability to impact the decisions of large multinational companies by choosing whether or not to buy their products. If enough consumers opt not to purchase goods from companies that are pursuing environmentally damaging or unethical practices, for example, it could motivate those businesses to change their policies for the sake of preserving profits.

So according to Hannah, conscious consumption is a way for citizens to indirectly shape the actions of powerful corporations that dominate the global economy.

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