Daniel Defoe: Wise Despise Poverty

Posted by admin on Monday, December 27, 2021

Daniel Defoe Money Quote saying wealthy have wisdom and the educated despise poverty. Daniel Defoe said:
He that is rich is wise, And all men learned poverty despise Quote

“He that is rich is wise, And all men learned poverty despise” — Daniel Defoe


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This quote from Daniel Defoe suggests that wealth brings wisdom, and those who are educated tend to look down on poverty. It could mean that having money allows people to have new experiences and learn lessons that come with wealth, making them wise. Or it could mean that wealthy people see themselves as wiser than poor people.

However, the quote could also be interpreted ironically – that those who are rich may think they are wise but are not necessarily so, and that the educated do not truly understand or appreciate the challenges of poverty. The best interpretation is likely open to debate as reasonable people can disagree on this point.

Birthday: c. 1660 – Death: April 24, 1731

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