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Posted by admin on Saturday, August 27, 2022

Meaning of Dale Dauten Money Quote: saying if we could choose a career based on making life worthwhile, it wold be great. Dale Dauten said:
Imagine choosing a job not on money or even on career advancement, but as part of a life worth living Quote

“Imagine choosing a job not on money or even on career advancement, but as part of a life worth living” — Dale Dauten


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In this quote, Dale Dauten seems to be encouraging individuals to consider choosing a career or occupation based more on finding deeply fulfilling and meaningful work, rather than prioritizing financial compensation or opportunities for professional growth above all else. Some key points:

  • Dauten suggests imagining selecting a job or role “not on money or even on career advancement”.
  • This implies basing the decision less on external rewards and more on internal motivations.
  • He states the goal should be finding a job that forms “part of a life worth living” – a job that provides intrinsic satisfaction and aligns with one’s values rather than just income potential.

Overall, the quote conveys Dauten’s perspective that truly engaging and purpose-driven work can be its own reward. He advocates selecting a vocation primarily for the contributions it allows one to make and the joy it brings, not due to monetary or status-related incentives alone, as part of crafting a fulfilling overall life experience rather than just a lucrative career according to this view.

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