Dada Bhagwan: Speech Counts as Wealth

Posted by admin on Friday, March 30, 2018

Dada Bhagwan Money Quote saying we ought to place value on our words and treasure them. Speaking is spending our wealth and should bring value where spent. Dada Bhagwan said:
Speech is wealth. It should be 'counted' on spending. Quote

“Speech is wealth. It should be ‘counted’ upon spending. Does anyone ever give out money without counting it?” — Dada Bhagwan


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In this quote, Dada Bhagwan is drawing a parallel between money and speech, suggesting both should be used carefully and judiciously. Some key points:

  • He refers to speech/words as a type of “wealth” that people possess.
  • Bhagwan advises this wealth should be “counted” or accounted for before being expended in communication, just as one counts money before spending it.
  • The rhetorical question about not counting out money implies words also have value and consequences, so should not be tossed around thoughtlessly.
  • The quote conveys that speech impacts others and should therefore be measured like a precious resource rather than wasted. Care, consideration and responsibility are needed in using one’s voice and expressions.

Overall, Dada Bhagwan promotes treating speech/words with the same prudence as money, counting the cost before communicating and avoiding frivolous, unfiltered expressions that could end up harming oneself or others.

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