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Posted by admin on Sunday, October 21, 2018

Randy Glasbergen Money Quote saying from his cartoon strip – credit cards make everything purchased cost more and we use them when we already can’t afford something. Randy Glasbergen said:
A credit card is what you use when something costs too much and you want to pay more for it Quote

“A credit card is what you use when something costs too much and you want to pay more for it” — Randy Glasbergen


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In this quote, Randy Glasbergen seems to be satirically commenting on the pitfalls of credit card debt and spending beyond one’s means. Some key points:

  • He notes that credit cards are often used to purchase things that are too expensive based on what one can truly afford to pay upfront.
  • Glasbergen suggests that by financing purchases through credit instead of paying cash, people end up paying an even higher total price due to interest charges accumulating on unpaid balances over time.
  • So in a sense, relying on credit cards to buy costly items means people paradoxically “pay more for it” than the listed price, since credit use adds additional long-term costs.

Overall, the quote humorously but critically conveys Glasbergen’s perspective that credit cards can enable people to spend beyond their means on items that are too expensive for their actual budgets. For Glasbergen, relying on credit is an expensive way to indulge in purchases one cannot truly afford through cash payments alone due to accumulating interest on debts over lengthy repayment periods.


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