Craig Holman: Inauguration Political Favors

Posted by admin on Sunday, November 19, 2017

Craig Holman Money Quote saying nobody knows where the $107 Million raised for Trump’s political Inauguration went and there are no regulations around how money is raised or spent on inaugural events. Craig Holman said:
Inaugurations are loophole for corporate interests to buy political favors Quote

“Trump has driven home the points that inaugurations are a huge loophole in which corporate interests can buy political favors, and that we need to start regulating spending and having complete disclosure surrounding these events” — Craig Holman


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This quote is referring to the large corporate donations that funded Donald Trump’s inauguration events in 2017. Craig Holman, a government affairs lobbyist, is arguing that these donations represented a “loophole” through which big business interests could curry political favor with the new administration by making large contributions. He suggests that inaugurations have become a way for corporate donors to essentially “buy” access and influence.

The quote calls for stronger regulations around spending for presidential inaugurations, as well as full transparency regarding donors. Holman believes these changes are necessary to curb the potential for pay-to-play politics and corruption that results from wealthy special interests being able to anonymously funnel large sums to new administrations via inaugural funding.

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