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Cartoons about unethical and corrupt politicians are one of the most popular types of editorial commentary. As you can see from the selection above, Editorial Cartoonists offer some of the most stinging type of discourse on money-in-politics. Funny thing though – you rarely hear any complaints from Congress, Cabinet members or Presidents when they are portrayed in cartoons – no matter how sharp the point made. Political Cartoonists get a pass, perhaps because the caricatures are less threatening or mean when expressed as art than when comedians and late-night hosts take their verbal swipes on television or video.

This collection is not all we have in political corruption comics – but they are all quite good when it comes to jabbing at pay-to-play or quid pro quo among corrupt elected officials. Represented here are Bagley, Cagle, Keefe, Sack and Zygliss – more to come.

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