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Posted by admin on Thursday, January 29, 2015

Clint Kriewaldt Money Quotation saying players want to be in the game and wear superbowl rings more than they want to earn huge salary bonuses. Clint Kriewaldt said:
Playing in the super bowl and winning a ring is what it's all about Quote

“We get paid well, but this is what really motivates most of the players. Some guys might worry about the money more. But playing in the Super Bowl and winning a (championship) ring is what it’s all about for most of us” — Clint Kriewaldt


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In this quote, former NFL player Clint Kriewaldt seems to be commenting on what truly motivates and drives most professional football players. By stating that while players get paid well, playing in the Super Bowl and winning a championship ring is “what it’s all about for most of us,” Kriewaldt is suggesting that, more than financial compensation, athletes are primarily motivated by the pursuit of athletic excellence and team success at the highest level.

He acknowledges that some players may worry more about money, but indicates the intrinsic rewards of competing for and winning a Super Bowl title are what truly motivate the majority of NFL players. Overall, the quote conveys that championship glory, rather than monetary gain, is the overriding professional ambition for most in Kriewaldt’s position.

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