Cicero: Uncorruptable Man Admired

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Cicero Money Quotation saying anyone who cannot be bought or convinced to sell out would be admired by everyone who may not be as wise. Cicero said:
Cicero That man is admired above all men, who is not influenced by money quote

“That man is admired above all men, who is not influenced by money” — Cicero


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Cicero is saying that the most admirable person is someone who is not swayed or influenced by money. The best interpretation is that true virtue and character are shown by a person’s willingness to make decisions and act in a way that is not dictated by thoughts of financial gain or the prospect of personal enrichment.

Cicero suggests that integrity and strength of principle are best demonstrated by an ability to withstand the corrupting influence that the love of wealth and desire for material rewards can potentially exert over one’s choices and behavior. A person who remains uninfluenced by money in this sense maintains the highest ethical standards.

Birthday: January 3, 106 BC – Death: 7, December 43 BC

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