Cicero: Frugality – All Virtues in One

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cicero Money Quote saying that being frugal, by necessity incorporates all other admirable qualities. Cicero said:
Frugality includes all the other virtues Quote

Frugality includes all the other virtues” — Cicero


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Cicero is suggesting that frugality or prudence in managing one’s resources encompasses or relies upon demonstrating many other virtues. The best interpretation is that being frugal requires exercising temperance, diligence, patience and wisdom – virtues that allow one to avoid wasting and instead make the most of what they have through careful planning and restraint.

Living within one’s means necessitates prioritizing needs over wants, delaying gratification, and carefully weighing costs and benefits of all expenditures. In this view, frugality is an overarching virtue that incorporates and depends on demonstrating other positive character traits in order to achieve maximum benefit from limited financial means.

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