Christopher Dawson: Economic Goods Fail

Posted by admin on Friday, September 1, 2017

Christopher Dawson Money Quote saying the problems of society are based in valuing wealth and commerce over human condition and spiritual well-being. Christopher Dawson said:
Failure to subordinate material & economic goods to Spritual Quote

“What we are suffering from is lack of social adjustment and the failure to subordinate material and economic goods to human and spiritual ones” — Christopher Dawson


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In this quote, Christopher Dawson is criticizing a societal imbalance where physical and financial prosperity have taken precedence over less tangible yet profoundly important human and spiritual goods. By stating the problem as a “lack of social adjustment” where material and economic priorities are not “subordinated” to higher human and spiritual priorities, Dawson implies communities and individuals would benefit from recalibrating their values.

The interpretation is that Dawson viewed an overemphasis on wealth accumulation and consumption as coming at the expense of cultivating compassion, wisdom, ethics, civic virtue, strong social bonds, spiritual well-being and human flourishing in all its forms. His perspective conveys that truly progressive societies nourish people’s full humanity, not just their bank accounts or consumption habits. According to Dawson, a balanced social order recognizes life’s deepest rewards as beyond mere accumulation of currency or possessions alone.

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