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Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Christopher Dawson money quote saying the way we view life relative to our economic status measures how we’ll look toward that measure for our satisfaction with a life based on only money. Christopher Dawson said:

Economic view of life regards money as equivalent to satisfaction Quote

“The economic view of life regards money as equivalent to satisfaction. Get money, and if you get enough of it you will get everything else that is worth having” — Christopher Dawson


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In this quote, Christopher Dawson is criticizing the view that equates wealth with fulfillment and happiness. By stating the “economic view of life regards money as equivalent to satisfaction”, and that those who believe getting enough money will allow getting “everything else that is worth having”, Dawson implies this mindset oversimplifies life’s deeper sources of meaning and purpose.

The interpretation is that Dawson does not believe prosperity alone can buy intrinsic human goods like community, wisdom, health or inner peace. His perspective conveys that while money provides options, it cannot replace intrinsic rewards of relationships, personal growth and higher callings that give life the richest sense of worth and satisfaction independent of financial status.

Dawson’s message suggests a balanced view recognizes life’s most profound rewards as beyond the scope of mere accumulation of currency or possessions alone.

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