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Posted by admin on Sunday, February 9, 2020

Chris Rock Money Quote saying at the 2020 Oscars that Jeff Bezos has an effect on everyone when he makes financial moves. Chris Rock said:
Jeff Bezos is here. He's got cash, when he writes a check the banks bounce Quote

“Jeff Bezos is here. He’s got cash, when he writes a check the banks bounce” — Chris Rock


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In this quote from his opening monologue at the 2020 Oscars, Chris Rock seems to be making a joke about Jeff Bezos’ immense wealth. By stating that “Jeff Bezos is here” at the ceremony and that “when he writes a check the banks bounce”, Rock is implying that Bezos, as the founder and former CEO of Amazon, is so wealthy that any check he writes would far exceed bank balance limits due to the astronomical sums of money involved.

The joke plays on the idea that Bezos’ personal checks would be for amounts so large that no bank could possibly cover them from available funds.

Overall, Rock appears to be humorously exaggerating Bezos’ status as one of the richest people in the world through this quip that frames just how vast his net worth is by suggesting it surpasses any financial institution’s reserves. The tone suggests Rock aimed to poke fun at Bezos’ extraordinary wealth through lighthearted hyperbole about the hypothetical bouncing of impossibly high-value checks.

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