Charles Stross: Debt is Forever

Posted by admin on Sunday, July 2, 2023

Meaning of Charles Stross Money Quote: saying Debt is the only thing that lasts forever. Charles Stross said:

Only debt is forever Quote

“Only debt is forever” — Charles Stross


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This Charles Stross quote is referring to the permanence and longevity of debt compared to other financial obligations. While things like income, savings, and assets can fluctuate or disappear over time, debt obligations tend to persist indefinitely unless actively paid off.

Even if a person declares bankruptcy, many types of debts still remain on their credit report and can impact them financially for years. So the quote suggests that taking on debt is a commitment that never truly goes away, unlike other aspects of one’s financial situation which may be more temporary in nature.

Debt seems to have a way of staying with a person “forever” according to this view.

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