Charles M. Schulz: Paying More for Candy

Posted by admin on Monday, November 26, 2018

Charles M. Schulz Money Quote saying out life gets more costly while it gets shortened every day. Charles M. Schulz said:
Years are like candy bars... We're paying more, but they're getting shorter Quote

“Years are like candy bars… We’re paying more, but they’re getting shorter” — Charles M. Schulz


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Charles M. Schulz is saying that as we get older, our years seem to pass by more quickly even though the costs of living seem to be increasing. The “candy bars” refer to years of our lives – they are getting shorter and shorter as time goes by, similar to how a candy bar gets smaller each time you take a bite.

But at the same time, expenses like food, housing, healthcare are rising in price. So in a way, we are “paying more” for each year of our lives both financially as well as losing years more rapidly as we age.

Birthday November 26, 1922 – Died February 12, 2000


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