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Posted by admin on Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reverend Charles Caleb Colton Money Quotation saying you become important based either on the worth of what you own or the value of what you owe. Charles Caleb Colton said:
There are two things that bestow consequence; great possession, or great debts Quote

“There are two things that bestow consequence; great possession, or great debts” — Charles Caleb Colton


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This quote suggests that wealth and debt both have the power to give a person status or importance in society. Having great possessions, or a large amount of wealth, naturally confers a level of consequence or influence. However, even having great debts can bestow consequence, since managing and repaying large debts requires dealing with powerful financial institutions and creditors.

The quote implies that both riches and indebtedness can define a person’s standing, as both extremes of the financial spectrum require interaction with others and responsibility over significant monetary resources or obligations. It serves as a reminder that wealth and debt alike can shape one’s reputation and social importance.

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