Carlos Ruiz Zafon: Making Money Not Hard

Posted by admin on Thursday, December 28, 2017

Carlos Ruiz Zafon Money Quote saying it’s not difficult to make money unless you want your occupation to be a fulfilling lifelong choice. Carlos Ruiz Zafon said:
Making money isn't hard in itself, what's hard is doing something worth devoting your life to Quote

Making money isn’t hard in itself, what’s hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting your life to” — Carlos Ruiz Zafon


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In this quote, Carlos Ruiz Zafon is suggesting that while accumulating wealth through various means may not be difficult in itself, finding a way to earn a living through a passion or endeavor truly worthy of dedication is much more challenging.

By saying “what’s hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting your life to”, Zafon implies that financial success alone is not as meaningful or fulfilling as deriving income from a career, purpose or pursuit that one feels strongly aligned with at their core.

The overall interpretation is that the quote promotes the idea that true achievement involves discovering a vocation or livelihood that aligns one’s talents and interests so closely that it feels like a life’s work worth committing to fully, rather than simply amassing money through unsatisfying means just for the sake of earnings.

Zafon’s message conveys the importance of finding a personally rewarding path to making a living through work that is inspiring and engaging enough to devote one’s whole existence to.

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